About the Author

Roman Hunt was born in Fort Lewis Washington in December of 1980. With a father in the military, he traveled a ton in his early years, none of which he remembers, including a 3 year stint in Germany. Once his father retired, Roman found himself in a small town of 150 people in southeast Alaska. His home had no electricity, no hot water, and no flushing toilet. It was basically camping, only in a house. His father would tell him and his little brother and sister stories at night before bed, stories where they were the heroes, fighting bad guys, discovering lost places and treasure, everything a kid could imagine. Eventually civilization reached his small town, and in order to curb his boredom, he visited the local library.

A colorful trio of books caught his eye, The Dragonlance Chronicles by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. Roman immediately fell in love with fantasy, reading as much as he could and discovering authors such as Robert Jordan, Terry Brooks, R.A. Salvatore, Anne McCaffrey and so many more. With his love for fantasy growing, Roman felt the urge to try his hand at writing his. It was short lived as his house ended up burning to the ground, and with it, any desire he had to continue writing. Everyone made it out unharmed.

Now, years later, with three daughters of his own, Roman found himself telling stories to his girls, similar to those his father told him. Some of these stories lasted for months. Then, one fateful day, his oldest suggested he write his stories down. Little did he know, a long lost passion would once again emerge, taking him to worlds he had all but forgotten.

Roman is currently working with an phenomenal editor, Brenda Chin, out of Toronto, while confiding in amazing authors such as Best Seller and Historical Fiction author Andie Newton (A Child for the Reich), and Best Selling Romance author Damon Suede (Hot Head).

With numerous manuscript requests, Roman hopes to have his debut novel, The End of Light, on shelves in 2025.