The End of Light, book one of the The Seventh Stone Series, is currently being queried, release date TBD. On this site you will find updates, book art, cover reveal and writing tips as well as an occasional blog.

The End of Light

An ancient darkness stirs. The lines between mortals and monsters, dreams and reality, fade. War blankets the kingdoms, fracturing alliances, tearing the world in two while demons roam freely, feeding on the weak and the strong alike. The ability to manipulate the elements with Aura has been lost, and with it any hope of survival. Cursed and hunted, an unlikely band of survivors must pull together, put aside their differences, and complete the Stone Trials before their enemies can, in hopes the few remaining pieces of the Seven Stone are enough to stand against and defeat the demon horde before they can unleash an ancient evil.

“Death seeks you girl, not I, and it is here.”